Someone once told me to do what you love and life will follow. I never thought I would call myself a professional photographer, but somewhere in the midst of life, the camera found me.

Years ago, my cousin took vows with her husband, it was a gorgeous blue sky day in Colorado. I sat in the chairs as the perfect breeze crossed my face with the smell of pine trees and warm summer air. It wasn’t until a few hours after the ceremony, after dinner and speeches were made, a moment I would never forget popped on the dance floor. My grandfather suffered through dementia and held on for years before he passed. I will always say it was because of the love he had for my grandma and their 65 years of marriage. I could not tell you what song was playing or how I wasn’t somewhere else for the five minutes he walked on the dance floor, but looking back, I am happy I was at the right spot at the right moment. Also, that someone was there to capture it. Luckily, I had my point and shoot camera and gave it to a family friend. My grandfather had taken the lead while humming the sound of the big band he once loved and we danced. It was for that five minutes the dementia had worn off and he was back to being grandpa. More importantly, someone captured that candid moment.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory."

Dr. Seuss

When I developed the photo, the print hit my hands and it was through that photograph, I was allowed to re-live and touch that moment again. It was through a camera that someone was able to freeze that moment and through years to come, be in that place with my grandfather.

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"I find that my husband and I's wedding photos are priceless memories that mean more to us as the years pass."

I was always intrigued by photography. I loved the candid moments between the love of a family and all the happiness they share, but more intrigued by moments in special occasions. I was so intrigued that my husband caught on. On my birthday, he handed my a bag and inside was my first DSLR camera. As much as I enjoyed photographs, I did not have the slightest clue how to work a fancy camera. So I taught myself and took my two Springer Spaniels out and captured them. After ending up with more dog photos than I had ever wanted, I started to work with families and weddings, and more importantly moments captured in time. I find my job to be an amazing gift to have the ability to freeze time and more importantly, a gift to freeze emotions. I want my clients to be able to look back 10 to 20 years down the road and remember how they felt during that one moment. I find that my husband and I's wedding photos are priceless memories that mean more to us as the years pass. The same way someone captured my grandpa and I during that five minutes. I can't tell you what I was thinking, but I can tell you how I felt, pure happiness. It is something I truly treasure. 

"I work along side of my husband when it comes to weddings.Our communication the day of the wedding shows through our work."

As the years have passed, I have found myself developing photographs, capturing light, and telling stories through my work. I work along side of my husband when it comes to weddings. Our communication the day of the wedding shows through our work. He knows when and where to be and this allows me to focus on photography without having to work with someone new each wedding. 

I started photography in 2014 and have captured engagements and weddings, maternity and newborns, and family portraits. As each year approaches, I learn new ways and find myself falling more in love with this art. I find myself very lucky to do what I love through passion and being able to give back what I see to my clients.

Top and Bottom Photo by Mallory Munson Photography

Wedding Photos by Tayler Carlisle Photography

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