It doesn't matter if you have been boyfriend and girlfriend for 3 months, engaged for a year, or married for what seems like an eternity. These sessions are one of my most cherished times with you. I love the hustle and bustle of my couples in wedding settings, but really love picking a remote location and spending time getting to know more of the two of you. I love all different kinds of shots... soft, laughing, genuine, quirky, fun-loving, teasing, and you two being your REAL selves. I am like the therapist you never had! Tell me again what makes you the most proud of him?!? 




  • All sessions run an hour and a half before sunset or after sunrise. Just in time for that golden hour.

  • I love more open fields and romantic light for engagements. Although, if you want to tell your story in the city, we can make that work too. I send you a list of locations that will help you decide if you haven't made up your mind.

  • I like when my couples have two different outfits. One more casual and one more dressy. I think it is best to have different options. Not sure what to wear? No worries, I am happy to help!

  • Getting your hair and makeup done by professionals can look really flattering in photos. This is a great time to do your trial run before your big day. It is a suggestion, but more importantly, be yourselves.