Denise + Mike || Anniversary Session

I have always said this, you do NOT have to be engaged or getting married to have photos of the two of you. Even when the kids move out and start having children of their own. Even if you just celebrated your 5, 10, or 50 year anniversary. Even if you just started dating a year ago. It is the story of your life and please do tell it through photographs. Because future generations would love to have that. 

"You should always get photos," is what came out of my mouth over Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving last year to Denise. I also said, "I would LOVE having photos of my grandparents, just the two of them. Plus after they passed away, I want to remember how happy and in love they were." Ultimately, it is where a family starts, love, and the generations that you could show the great grandchildren. It is where it put us in the Arizona desert this last May. 

I met these two in high school when becoming friends with their daughter, Amy. Amy and I's friendship has been with each other throughout college to standing in each other's weddings, and to me being aunt Kiki to her two kids. I have honestly become a fourth child to Mike and Denise and another sister for Amy. It is one of those friendships that doesn't need to have a phone conversation every day, even week, or month. We just hang out and it is not like a day has been missed. Even though, we could hang out every day if we lived in the same state. 

Amy's parents, Denise and Mike, just celebrated their 36 wedding anniversary and let's just say, I am sure not all days were sunshine and butterflies in that time. Although, these two seem pretty darn happy after all the years, three kids (well 4 if you consider me, HA!), and four grandchildren. AND I am so happy that these two decided to get the photos taken for their children and grandchildren AND great-grandchildren (some day!). So they know a little bit more about the happiness and love that started their family. Just the two of them and let's just say... #marriagegoals!!!!! Happy Anniversary Mike and Denise, I loved doing this for you!!